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Cute Animal Custom Name Stickers

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Custom names labels for your toys or school supplies. Personalize with your colors and name to make this yours!

Please note. Graphics including text elements are FIXED and do not change.

With our personalized name labels you can send your little one to daycare or preschool with all their favorite items named. These personalized and durable name labels are simple, and effective. These labels will stick around the whole school year since they are waterproof and freezer safe! These labels can cover anything from lunchboxes to markers, to notebooks, to take home folders & water bottles. You can apply our labels confidently knowing your labels will last long and look great! 

These labels adhere best to a smooth surface. Please keep in mind that while these labels are waterproof and will repel moisture, they are NOT dishwasher safe and they should not be left completely submerged in water or scrubbed.

  • Each label is personalized with your child's name.

  • Choose "All Characters" for one of each character. Or choose a single character for 20 labels of the same character.

  • Three background colors available. White, Mint or Pink. 

 Qty 20 labels

1.6 x 1.7 inches


Weatherproof (NOT dishwasher safe)



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For best results, ensure the surface area is clean and dry before application. 

Product Safety Information: These name labels should always be applied by an adult or with adult supervision. Our labels are durable, but not permanent. They're designed to be removed with intent, so they may detach if subject to prolonged picking or chewing. Please use caution in the product’s application to any items handled by young children and ensure ongoing monitoring of adhesion to avoid accidental ingestion.


Sheet of custom name stickers are peel and stick and are ready to be used on all your school supplies. The stickers are printed on matte label stock with a permanent adhesive.

What's Included

Sheet of 20 labels

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